Sunday, 18 May 2014

Face2Face Toilets

Toshio Saeki is thought to be the Master and Godfather of Japanese Eroticism. 
His ink drawings juggle emotions and interchange feelings by linking pleasure and pain, beauty and beast, privacy and publicity etc etc. Here are a selection of his drawings from the 70s and 80s. See more here.

Fresh music from Powell over at Diagonal Records


Interesting looking film on what could have been the greatest Sci Fi movie of all time, but didn't. At all.


Documentary/road-movie/music video Kvadrat provides an insight into being a Techno Dj using Russian DJ Andrey Pushkarev as the example. Watch it on Vimeo here.

Old Gold

Listen and download LA boy $waggot's new 23 track album here. Self described as a homoerotic lo-fi witchpop trash artist. 
 Shit is tight, bitch 

 New track from the visual mulching artist Russo due to be released on Luke Wyatt's label Valcrond Video, oldschool images and new school sounds. We like. A lot.


Jeff Divine has got to be one of the most notable surfing photographers of the 70s and 80s, his images captured the joy, competition, flow and work that goes with surfing and will never cease to provide a breathtaking image like some dude shredding through a 40ft tube. You gotta be dumb not to check out more on his WEBSITE.



New tune from Mr Tophat & Art Alfie of Karlovak records on Sweden right over here

Also some new Opal Tapes sheeit coming from the upcoming BOP002 from Cloudface here



Graffiti Artist Sawe got himself a slick new WEBSITE which you should seriously check out.
Few pictures nabbed off it below.

Sex Appeal Sunday 
Pin up model come photographer and total BABE Bunny Yeager was shooting pin ups and playboy magic for years, most notably Bettie Page who features heavily throughout Bunny's work, and was propelled to stardom thanks to Bunny.
Here's a few with a lot more here
Bunny Yeager

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